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We don’t pretend to be experts on coffee, but almost 100 years of baking has given us a good idea about the kind of cake to serve with it.  For the past few months we’ve been tinkering in the kitchen to create a range of cakes specially designed for coffee shops.  From loaf cakes and traybakes, to vegan and gluten free options we’ve hopefully covered all bases, so you can focus on pouring the perfect brew.

Our loaf cakes are delivered with the slices marked out, so you can ensure the same size portion is served each time.  This also means that some of the trickier toppings are already cut through, you just need to finish the slice.  Our traybakes are supplied wrapped in printed Kraft brown greaseproof paper, inside a branded protective box.  We’ve designed them so that all 12 portions can be simply lifted out at once using the paper, making them easier to display.

Two of the three loaf cakes in our range are vegan but you can’t tell from tasting them.  The Lime Drizzle is moist and zesty and has a lot of impact on a coffee shop counter thanks to the smashed pumpkin seed brittle covering the lime icing.  The Orange, Cranberry & Ginger cake also stands out with the bright, caramelised julienne orange placed on top, held in place with a thick orange syrup.  A firm favourite here at the bakery is the Banana, Chocolate & Tahini cake, which has a great texture with bursts of dark chocolate chunks throughout.

Winter is slowly looming, so it’s a good time to try our new Blackcurrant Crumble Flapjack, handmade with a high-fruit jam and a buttery crumble made with mixed seeds.

The full range can be found here.  Have a browse and if you fancy trying some please come and see us at Caffe Culture in a couple of weeks in London, or get in touch and we can send you a sample pack.

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